manatee: a plant eating aquatic mammal with rounded tail flipper, living in shallow coastal waters of the tropical Atlantic and Gulf Coast waters. All species are endangered.

BLUE SPRING is the largest spring on Saint Johns River. It is also the winter home and a crucial sanctuary for the peaceful manatee. There is not one recorded incident in history of a manatee being violent or aggressive to any living species.

Blue Spring State Park 8 miles from Deland

Annual Dog Parade
Deland Music Festival
Deland Fall Festival of the Arts
Celebrated Mediterranean Architecture from the 1920's Florida Land Boom
Historic District, Shopping, Sports
The "Sky Diving Capital" of the world
Boat Tours & Water Sports
17 Nature and Park Destinations
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The Biggest Best Dog Parade in America!

First private college and first law school in Florida. First luxury estate in Florida.
First city in Florida to have electricity.     Winner of America's Best Main Street.
Henry Addison Deland founded Deland, Florida in 1876 at a settlement known as Persimmon Hollow on Saint Johns River. Back then you could only get there by steamboat. Deland knew the essential community value of good education. He built a public school in 1877. The school added prestige, culture and quality of life to the remote location. Deland was a visionary who knew what education brings to a community, to commerce and to the value of real estate. To further enhance the property value of this young city, he founded and established the first private college in the State of Florida, Deland Academy. Later it became Stetson University. The development of culture and education in a city filled architectural landmarks has trandformed Deland into a fabulous tourist destination that now wears the tag, "The Athens of Florida".

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